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Entertainment News for all media

Through its branch Suco Press Inc., Suco Group offers entertainment news in video for all media.


Whether you are interested in celebrity news, fashion, movies, trends, music... we deliver the best clips, in your language and in your desired format. Our video packages include dalily edited news clips with voice over, so your videos are ready to air.


Suco Press is based in Hollywood, California, home of the entertainment industry. We recently opened offices in Miami, New York, Madrid and Buenos Aires to offer our outlets the best and most complete celebrity footage.


Our professional cameramen, reporters, producers and video editors will make sure you receive the best fashion shots and interviews from the red carpet events.

Contact Suco Press team:

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Breaking the Latino Stereotype

An award ceremony and its respective categories, targeting minority individuals who showcase excellence in theatrical film and television production. The objective is to provide incentives and recognition to minorities, contributing to the elevation of its communities' image within the movie industry. This initiative aims to celebrate and promote outstanding achievements, fostering inclusivity and diversity in the field of theatrical film and television production. This includes the issuance of a various categories of awards as recognition of distinguished achievements in the mentioned fields. Additionally, there is an annual award program dedicated to presenting these accolades, further emphasizing the commitment to honoring outstanding contributions in the realm of theatrical film and television production and releases.

Contact Us to submit your movie and or performer for the current award season.

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